Meet the Team

Liz Diaz 

Founder of Deliz Gourmet. Lover of Mexican food and gastronomy.

Liz started her journey back in 2011 giving cooking classes to some of her close friends. She then went onto making sauces and spices that today are the heart of Deliz Gourmet, she uses the flavors and ingredients Mexican gastronomy is known for to create incredible blends of ingredients with delicious and passion filled recipes.

Our Story

Deliz Gourmet is a company born from the taste that Liz Diaz, its founder, has for Mexican food and its' traditions. Since she was very little Liz had a very special fascination for Mexican food. She observed  her grandmother make typical Mexican sweets for many years. And so, Liz developed the ability to cook mainly typical Mexican gourmet food and has been teaching cooking classes to small groups of friends for more than 7 years.

When her grandmother passed away most of the recipes were lost. As a result, Liz set herself the goal of writing a book that would contain some of her favorite recipes, and that is how she decided to release her first "Simply Delicious" book.

In 2013 she decided to market the Mango Chutney (his grandmother's recipe) and the Bacalao a la Vizcaína recipe from Viva, her dear aunt who cooked delicious Mexican dishes such as Mole, Pozole and a variety of Mexican appetizers.